Thank you for your interest in becoming a Project:Conservation corporate sponsor. In an effort to build lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships, please know that we are committed to working with sponsors whose missions and brands align with ours.


Below you will find more information about Project:Conservation’s sponsorship opportunities. If you are looking to make an online donation you may visit our DONATE page.


Note that Project:Conservation is a California registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and sponsor and/donor contributions are U.S. tax deductible.

Why become a Project:Conservation sponsor?

By becoming a corporate sponsor, you are not just supporting our work you are helping to support the people and projects on the front lines of global conservation.


In return, we’ll promote your corporation through our various projects and growing communications channels and work with you to maximize our impact as partners in conservation.


There are a number of ways to support Project:Conservation as a corporate sponsor, we have outlined a few of them below. Alternatively, we would be happy to work with you to tailor a sponsorship that matches your charitable giving vision. For more information email

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At Project:Conservation we believe in a holistic, multi-disciplined approach to conservation that uses storytelling, education and community outreach to make an impact. As a Conservation Sponsor you help support all aspects of our work through general contributions that can be used on an as-needed basis.


The following examples are some ways you can help support our overarching mission as a Conservation Sponsor:


• Commit a portion of your annual sales to support our ongoing projects (funds are allocated to different projects on an as-needed basis)


• Dedicate a product to fundraising for Project:Conservation


• Donate a professional service

For more information about our Conservation Sponsor opportunities please email If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for a particular type of project (i.e. storytelling, education, or community outreach) check out our Storytelling Sponsor and Outreach Sponsor opportunities below.


This opportunity is ideal for corporate sponsors that are interested in funding one or more of our conservation short films, photo stories, or other visual media projects.


Benefits of becoming a Storytelling Sponsor may include production credits, media-focused branding opportunities, and exposure across our teams’s collective digital platforms.


The following examples are some of the ways that Storytelling Sponsors can help support Project:Conservation’s mission:


• Production – assisting with the overall production cost of a single media project and/or media series


• Equipment – donating production-related equipment (i.e. cameras, lenses, sound recording equipment, etc.)


• Travel – donating non-monetary goods and services to assist with field-production expenses (i.e. airline miles/flight vouchers, accommodations, ground transportation, etc.)

If your organization would like to discuss becoming a Project:Conservation Storytelling Sponsor and/or would like more information about upcoming storytelling projects please email


Education and community outreach also play important roles in Project:Conservation’s holistic approach to conservation. Current opportunities to become an Outreach Sponsor include:


• Education Modules – assisting with the overall cost of producing our conservation education modules and supplying them to local educators


• Supplies – donating classroom materials and equipment (i.e. writing and coloring utensils, notebooks, computers, projectors, etc.)


• Events – sponsoring an upcoming Impact Campaign


To learn more about our current outreach projects visit our EDUCATION and COMMUNITY pages.


If you would like to become an Outreach Sponsor for any of our upcoming education and/or community projects please email for more information.

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