The most successful conservation efforts are those that include the voices and indigenous knowledge of local people and address the challenges facing their communities. However, traditional approaches to conservation have often imposed externally designed and driven projects on these communities, with little to no regard for the needs and wants of local people.


At Project:Conservation we believe that inclusion and the active participation of local communities is a vital piece of the global conservation puzzle, and without it many conservation efforts will fail to make a lasting impact. That is why we are committed to supporting organizations that emphasis a community-based approach to conservation and collaborating with them on outreach initiatives that empower men, woman, and children living in global conservation hotspots.


Project:Conservation works closely with in-country partner organizations to produce community events known as Impact Campaigns in regions directly affected by environmental and wildlife conservation concerns.


For each Impact Campaign we use conservation storytelling and collaborative education to engage with local audiences and promote an open dialogue about relevant conservation issues. We then partner with organizations operating in these regions to offer skill building workshops and introduce sustainable livelihood opportunities in an effort to empower local people and encourage collaborative conservation in the future.


Our aim with each campaign is to foster a positive relationship between local communities and local conservation efforts by bringing stakeholders together in a way that cultivates real and applicable solutions to localized conservation issues.


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“Every individual matters.

Every individual has a role to play.

Every individual makes a difference.”


— Jane Goodall

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