There has never been a more pressing time to foster the next generation of conservation leaders through quality conservation education that is not only engaging but also applicable to today’s students.


Unfortunately, for many conservation educators — especially those working in rural communities around the globe — support and access to quality and up-to-date resources can be limited.


To address these limitations, Project:Conservation has launched two new education initiates: Education HUB: Humans Understanding Biodiversity and Conservation Education Network.

Education HUB: Humans Understanding Biodiversity

Through Project:Conservation’s Education HUB: Humans Understanding Biodiversity we create conservation-focused education modules for educators teaching early childhood education, primary and secondary education in global conservation hotspots.


Included in each education module is a series of lesson plans and other educational resources focused on core conservation principles that incorporate various aspects of biological and environmental sciences. Each contains background content for educators to discuss with their learners, accompanied by simple and effective hands-on activities and supplemental materials to enhance the learning expeirence.


Each module is designed to help educate learners on the importance of wildlife and environmental conservation while at the same teach them valuable scientific skills that can be applied to their daily lives and future career paths.

Conservation Education Network

Project:Conservation works closely with in-country partner organizations operating in global conservation hotspots to develop Education HUB modules and get them into the hands of local educators.


By fostering a relationship with educators working in communities on the front lines of conservation we gain a better understanding of the educational needs of local students, allowing us to develop more effective and targeted conservation education resources in the future.

“In the end we will conserve only what we love;

we will love only what we understand;

and we will understand only what we are taught.”

— Baba Dioum

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