About the film

This short-film highlights the conservation work of the Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC) in Entebbe Uganda.


The center not only serves the country’s species as a rescue, rehabilitation and breeding center, but also works within the community to help educate locals about environmental and wildlife conservation issues.


UWEC is also a top destination for tourist visiting the country and looking to have unique wildlife experiences- like getting to interact with orphaned chimpanzees and meet endangered white rhinos!


From exclusive VIP behind-the-scenes tours and getting to be a “Keeper for a Day”, to long stay volunteer opportunities, proceeds from the UWEC’s programs help bring in much needed financial support for the non-government funded, self-sustaining center- which in turn allows its dedicated staff to continue safeguarding Africa’s wildlife and their habitats.


To learn more about UWEC visit UWEC.ug.


**This film was originally produced by Pink Monkey Media and donated to Project:Conservation.

Filmed & edited by: Marlina Moreno


Produced by: Pink Monkey Media & donated to Project:Conservation


Music by: Samite of Uganda & Triple7Music


**Special thanks to the Uganda Wildlife Center staff and volunteers, Uganda Wildlife Authority, Uganda tourism Board, Isaiah Jobs Rwanyekiro, and Peter Hogel for helping to make this film possible.