About the film

This short film gives a behind the scenes look at elephant tourism in Thailand and the work that The Surin Project is doing within this industry.


Located in the Surin province of Thailand, The Surin Project works to improve the living conditions of captive Asian elephants by offering elephant owners (known as mahouts) an alternative source of income to traditional forms of elephant tourism.


Instead of elephants being used for tourism attractions like elephant riding, street begging and circus shows- which often lead to poor living conditions and a life spent in chains- The Surin Project makes it possible for mahouts to make a living through responsible volunteer tourism.


Volunteers from around the world come to the project to get hands on experience with elephants in a more natural and responsible setting than traditional elephant tourism.


In additional volunteers’ labor and financial donations positively contribute to the local community while helping to improve the living conditions of captive Asian elephants.


For more information about this amazing project and to find out about their volunteer opportunities visit: surinproject.org.


**This film was originally produced by Pink Monkey Media and donated to Project:Consevation.

Filmed & edited by: Marlina Moreno


Produced by: Pink Monkey Media & donated to Project:Conservation.


Music By: James Vincent McMorrow & Phillip Phillips


**Special thanks to Elephant Nature Park and The Surin Project staff and volunteers for helping to make this film possible.