About the film

The Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary sits in the middle of Uganda’s Lake Victoria, the world’s second largest freshwater lake. It welcomes day visitors and overnight guests who are not only interested in the chimpanzee experience and supporting the island’s conservation efforts, but anyone just looking for a little relaxation.


The sanctuary was started in 1997 by Chimpanzee Trust to act as a safe haven for orphaned chimpanzees. It is currently home to 48 chimpanzees who spend their days roaming the 98-acre island sanctuary. In addition to providing sanctuary for Uganda’s wildlife, the Chimpanzee Trust is dedicated to educating local communities about conservation and helping to improve their livelihoods through a number of other outreach programs.


To learn more about Ngamba Island’s ecotourism offerings as well as their conservation and community work visit NGAMBAISLAND.org

**This film was originally produced by Pink Monkey Media and donated to Project:Conservation.

Filmed & edited by: Marlina Moreno


Produced by: Pink Monkey Media & donated to Project:Conservation


Music by: Guido Negraszus & Samite of Uganda


**Special thanks to the Uganda Wildlife Center staff and volunteers, Uganda Wildlife Authority, Uganda tourism Board, Isaiah Jobs Rwanyekiro, and Peter Hogel for helping to make this film possible.