About the film

Coexist is a short film that highlights the often overlooked human-element of conservation.


It is centered around the conservation work of the South Rift Association of Land Owners (SORALO), which is dedicated to improving the livelihood of the local Maasai community, and conserving wildlife through better science and land management practices.


The story is around the Maasai pastoralists of Kenya, whose nomadic lifestyles are centered around the raising and herding of livestock and whose practices help maintain the ecosystems in which they live.


Coexist: A Story of People and Wildlife was filmed in Kenya’s South Rift Valley and Amboseli National Park.


For more information about SORALO visit SORALO.org.


**This film was originally produced by Pink Monkey Media and donated to Project:Conservation.

Filmed, written, narrated & edited by: Marlina Moreno


Produced by: Pink Monkey Media & donated to Project:Conservation


Music by: Steve Millington, Claudio Gabbiani & Geoffrey Oryen


**Special thanks to The South Rift Association of Land Owners (SORALO), Lale’enok Resource Center and Miami University for making this project possible