MONKEYLAND South Africa Conservation Media
About the video

This short promotional video was created with social media platforms in mind. Filmed in 4K, this promotional video gives a visual behind-the-scenes experience of what it’s like to walk through this unique primate sanctuary in South Africa.


Nestled between the Ollishof Private Nature Reserve and the Rivendell Private Nature Reserve lies the world’s first free-roaming multi-species primate sanctuary, Monkeyland.


It falls under the South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance (SAASA) and with a healthy population of about 700 primates, there is a lot of room for all day monkeying around, This unique habitat allows visitors a very rare opportunity to “swing” with little big-hearted giants and to take a glimpse into a world where coexistence is the only way of existing.


Stemming from the need for a functional and self-sustaining wildlife habitat, Monkeyland has managed to successfully recreate a natural habitat for 11 different species of primates.


For more information about Monkeyland, including visitor information and how to support their conservation efforts, visit

Filmed by: Marlina Moreno & Zander Beetge


Edited by: Marlina Moreno


Produced by: Project:Conservation